Drift Day 59 Action

Drift Day 59 Action

Colin Cook took some good shots of the R32 at Drift Day 59. They had a drone out taking video as well so I'm looking forward to seeing some of that footage.

I only spent a short time on the track in the morning due to a leaking clutch line and then it started raining during lunch. Normally I hate drifting in the rain, but USAIR is so interesting with all the elevation changes that even slow-mo sliding is fun.

I've driven half the tracks in Japan probably, but I seriously think USAIR might end up being the most fun to drive if you ran the entire course. The 3 turns before the main straight are a ball to hit. You get to do lots of side and foot braking. It's very technical.

It took me more tries than I'd like to admit, but after some tips from Ben from Tracker and Mike from Gleam I cut down on my angle coming into the main straight and was able to link that section pretty easily. The gearing on the Skyline isn't ideal so I was sitting on the limiter in second gear.

My first time drifting in the US turned out pretty well. There were a few hiccups, but I got plenty of runs in and was happy with the way the Skyline performed. Always room for improvement of course...