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Slammed.Show.Drive 2015

Richard StevensJapan, Shows, Drift
Slammed.Show.Drive 2015

Yes, this post is a little late. I've been going through pictures I have that are worthy of the blog and my buddy Mike from Gleam (aka Burstspeed) took these shots while he was in Japan in 2015. The event is called Slammed.Show.Drive and is held at Bihoku Highlands in Okayama every year. Ironically enough, I attended in last years so you can expect another post soon. SSD is basically a combination car show and drift day.

I had to start off with the Hi-Tension S13 Silvia. I've known this cars for years and to this day it's one of my favorite Silvias. It's still running a CA18DET with a Trust 20G strapped to it and absolutely screams. The interior is as wild as the exterior. When I'm back in Japan this year, this car is number one on my list for a feature.

D1GP legend Iwai brought his Charmant out. This crazy little car has an S14 SR20DET under the hood pushing out a healthy 400HP. I got to drive Hadashi with him following in the One-Via and I couldn't keep up. Cowboy Charlie is in love with this car, and for good reason.

I had to include an interior shot of the Charmont. The car was built at Make Hirota and they love a bit of Hot Rod flare. The pin stripping on the custom dash gives the car a ton of character. Iwai has moved to a rotary powered Eunos Roadster so the Charmant is no longer in service. Something interesting may end up happening with it in the future though...

Another Iwai-machine. It became a legend in D1GP as Iwai was pressing the high-powered machines hard with this underpowered Starlet. Both HDO and Make Hirota had a hand in building this one.

This R32 sedan was one of the inspirations behind Mike's choice to go BN and pink on his own Skyline. He took it to the next level of course with an insane amount of bass boat flake. The owner of this one did a great job with the front fender flare.

Super-clean S15. I'm not sure what aero is on there, but it's pretty wild. Definitely not a drifter. Way too clean! 18" wheels up front still look weird to me.

St. Rowdy C33 Laurel with what looks to be Wonder aero. I know some people aren't big fans of Laurels, but I've always loved boxy sedans. Say what you want about the graphics, but this one is done right in every other department.

I grew up in Japan screwing around with Nissans so I'm not even going to attempt to describe this car. It's a Rat Rod and it's fucking cool. 'Nuff said.

Tomiko's R32  Sedan. She somehow seems to make it out to every event in Japan. It may look like a "show car" but she drifts the piss out of it at every opportunity.

In this part of Japan you're bound to run across some 326power styling. Their kit for the S14 has always been one of my favorites. It's not huge and flared, but still has a very distinct look. Wheel setup looks great too. Notice there is camber up front and none in the rear...

Can you imagine how great this S15 would look with smaller wheels and rear camber that wasn't ridiculous?.

I've always wondered exactly how many cars are in Review. The members are constantly changing looks so it's hard to tell if another person joined or an existing member just switched things up.

Another Zenki S14 Silvia rocking the 326power kit. Interesting contrast with the purple wheels.

Love it or hate it, a ton of work went into the bodywork on this 180SX. Origin aero with some interesting paint work. It think that's a Masa hood or at least one of the Yahoo Auctions knock offs.