Tomikawa's S15 Silvia

Tomikawa's S15 Silvia

It was like it was pulled from the pages of Initial D. Jim stopped at an Eneos station in Hiroshima to fill his car up and noticed a wild S15 parked out back. It turned out to be owned by one of the employees, Kei Tomikawa. He's competed in D1 Street Legal and No Name Heroes in his Silvia.

The styling definitely isn't subtle. It can be hard to stand out in drift competitions, but Kei certainly came up with the recipe to be noticed.

Origin aero all the way around. If I recall correctly it was running the classic Trust 20G under the hood so it's probably pushing somewhere around 350HP.

With the GT wing, diffuser and generators you'd think this was a Time Attack car. It's interesting how drifting has adopted a lot of the aero additions found in time attack just for the sake of styling.

Sticker check. Milky Box is the shop that did all the graphics and Car Factory Akinai is a small shop in Hiroshima that tuned Kei's S15.