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Stopping By Sun Line Racing

Richard StevensJapan
Stopping By Sun Line Racing

On the way back from Osaka to pick up Eric's new S15 Silvia I suggested we stop at Sun Line Racing in Kurashiki to see what they've been working on. Unfortunately, being the dumb ass that I am, I didn't have a memory card in my camera. Thankfully I was taking pictures with my phone as well so I didn't leave completely empty-handed.

Their R35 GT-R was sitting out front looking pretty. As you might have guess red is their signature color and they keep things nice and classy.

SLR is all about Time Attack and Circuit racing and they've built some very famous and capable cars including a full carbon BNR4 GT-R, which I believe they sold to someone overseas. Compared to their R34 the R35 is quite tame, but I'm sure it lays down some impressive times. It isn't their main competition car though.

Their 370Z sees the most time on the track. Unfortunately I didn't ask many questions about this Z because I was far more interested in talking to them about another one of their cars.

I was hoping they still had their S15 Silvia, which just happens to be my favorite of all-time. Lucky for us they did and were happy to show it to us. At the time it was getting a bit of a refresh. The 600HP Tomei 2.2L SR20 had already been pulled and sent out for an overhaul.

They said it was getting some paint work as well. The front fenders and bumper had faded quite a bit.

In addition to tuning cars, Sun Line also produces a long line-up of high end performance parts. One of their best bits is the Dog Missions they run in all their cars. The graphics on the S15 are so good.

SLR has had a long relationship with C-West so you'll see plenty of their aero on their demo cars.

Keeping it simple inside. I just noticed how the door cards have been cut to clear the roll cage door bars. It's really weird to see an S15 dash that still has the center A/C vents. Most of the time they're pulled in favor of meters.

They had a few interesting cars out front including this Hachi and an S14 sitting next to it.

This wild BNR34 was also out front running the same C-West aero their famous BNR34 ran. It's hard to tell from this picture, but it had clearly been sitting for a while.