Richard Stevens

Run32 - Engine as Art

Richard Stevens
Run32 - Engine as Art

Despite not having the time to get things done anywhere close to my original time frame, the R32's engine is complete. I know some people come at a build from a utilitarian angle and just want it to be functional and run correctly, but I've been just as concerned with how the engine bay looks as I am with how the engine performs. I've built plenty of cars in my day and I have to say that this is the best job I've done.


I actually painted the bay with the engine in the car while I had the turbo assembly and intake manifold off. The most time-consuming part was cleaning it all up and getting the harnesses out of the way. It turned out pretty damn nice and the coverage looks like it was done with the engine out..

With the PBM high-mount intercooler in place, there was no room for the factory clutch fan, which I had to get back in because the electric radiator fans just weren't cutting it. I ended up taking on the biggest fabrication project I've had to date and built custom upper and lower radiator supports. I used square instead of round tube because I think it looks better. The one you see in the picture above is actually the fourth version I built. The previous designs just didn't cut it.

20171022_194936 (1).jpg

Instead of going with a top-mount manifold I actually used a kit from T's Factory that lets you top mount a Trust turbo to the factory cast manifold. It puts the T67-25G in a nice location. I was originally going to go with a 20G like I usually do, but I couldn't pass up the deal I got on the T67. I was concerned it might be a bit laggy, but the RB25 spools it nicely. Originally I had an aluminum suction pipe but decided the 4" carbon elbow would be a nice touch. 

You can see the power steering reservoir right below the air filter. It's actually a unit I picked up from an eBay seller who flips used parts from Nascars. The whole PS system has been upgraded. All the stock components (save for the rack) were thrown out and I used an R33 (non-HICAS) pump along with a long list of lines and fittings from Earl's. There's a Setrab power steering cooler in the mix as well. This eliminated a ton of lines and hoses and made the bay much cleaner.

20171022_194929 (1).jpg

As soon as Stew showed me the catch can he was designing I had to grab one of the first ones he built. It fits perfectly and is in a great spot. I originally had black nylon braided lines and black/silver fittings running to it, but decided the purple/gold fittings and steel braided lines from the HKS oil cooler looked nice up top and they were the perfect length.


I still have a few things to do, but it starts and runs without issue. I still have to weld some brackets on the Street Faction bash bar to mount the front bumper.  Then I need to make a few ride height adjustments so I can get it on the road for a long test drive to work out any bugs. I was going to paint the fenders, bumper and skirts myself, but the weather is too cold now so they'll be going to a friend's paint shop to finish. Just in time for the season to be over.