Richard Stevens

Savage Beginnings

Richard Stevens
Savage Beginnings

You really can't deny the fact that Eric has taken full advantage of his time in Japan. He's built two amazing drift cars. The first was an HCR32 Skyline sedan, which eventually found it's way to the ownership of fellow Kunigan team member Jamie Espinoza. The R32 was succeeded by the S15 Silvia you may have seen plenty of on this blog. And now, the S15 has been succeeded by an S13. You may wonder why Eric would replace a perfectly dialed in S15 with an S13. The answer is simple: he can bring the S13 back to the US with him when his tour of duty is over.  


When the decision was made to look for an S13 we searched high and low, but not for a suitable base for a build. Eric had been through that twice and wanted to avoid build downtime so he could get as many hours behind the wheel before his time in Japan came to an end.  We were looking for a competition-ready build. A Garage D-Friends S13 was our first target and then we came across a Rocket Bunny S13 build by the very well-respected Garage Pleasure.


Needless to say, it has presence. Full Rocket Bunny aero, Varis carbon hood, and a brand new paint job ensure it's going to get attention. Ride-height is approprite for the Hadashi jump entries Eric has started doing.


The engine room garnered most of our attention and the specs are impressive. Freshly built S13 SR20DET with Naprec headwork, full HKS GT-II turbine kit, HKS F-Con gold and plenty of custom fabrication work all result in an easy and safe 400HP.


Garage Pleasure is well-known for high-quality work and it shows. The catch can was built in-house along with the dimple-die coil pack cover.


Pleasure fabbed all the piping as well including this ace titanium suction pipe.

The intercooler setup is custom as well. The end tanks were fabricated allowing it to mount behind the upper radiator support. They even allowed for space to leave the battery up front. With the HPI Evolve radiator in place there wasn't room for the factory fan shroud, so they built one out of aluminum.


Bryan Rogers (Drift Knuckles) has been a big supporter of Eric's adventures and a Unicorn angle kit was his first upgrade. 70 degrees of steering helps with the crazy entires he's been pulling off at Hadashi.


Friend and Formula D Japan pro-driver Kazuki Hayashi supplied a full set of D1-Spec adjustable rear arms. Combined with the Unicorn kit up front and GP-Sports G-Masters coilovers the handling is now on point. 


The Silvia came with a decent brake setup, but Eric decided to go with a pair of GT-R 4-pot Brembo calipers up front. It already had an R32 rear brake setup.

After a week of preparation, Eric was able to get the S13 on track last weekend for a first test and to dial in the suspension. Needless to say, he loved being behind the wheel. Yamaichi, the final (and biggest) competition of the year is right around the corner so expect more action from the Savage Bunny.