Richard Stevens

Chokichi's S13 Silvia

Richard Stevens
Chokichi's S13 Silvia

I took these pictures in the paddock at Sekia Hills Circuit in Fukuoka a decade ago. I can't remember the event, but it was shortly before the circuit closed its doors. Halloween Racing is a well-respected team and have built plenty of Silvias, but this one from Chokichi will always be my favorite. It's still around but looks a lot different these days. I'm not going to get into any technical details because, honestly, I don't remember shit about it other than what you see in these pictures. You'll notice a few nifty race-car details on this one, which were totally uncommon to see on a drift car of this era (the window duct, for example). Anywho, enjoy the pictures and the mixture of cool/goofy on one pretty bad-ass Silvia.


In terms of styling, the Chokichi was about a decade ahead of the times. The black accents on the aero and GT-style canards give it the look of a drift car out of a 2016 issue of Doriten.


You gotta love a driver who doesn't take himself too seriously. The oil cooler location reminds me of the ARC kit for the BNR32. I'm assuming that's a BN Sports hood.


Here is some of the race car influence I was talking about. I've never seen this on any drift car before this one. Professional or otherwise.


Vortex generators on the side, cut rear bumper with diffuser underneath, FRP trunk and lexan windows. Definitely on the cutting edge for the mid 2000s.


Oh how wonderful it would be to have a slide off carrier...