Richard Stevens

Scenes from Sekia Hills

Richard Stevens
Scenes from Sekia Hills

Sekia Hills is gone, but the memory remains. For the life of me, I can't remember what event I took these shots at, but there were plenty of non-Fukuoka cars there so it must have been a fairly big deal. Too many tracks and hundreds of events have clouded my memory. Being old doesn't help. I have a drive full of pictures and video from events in Japan from the early 2000s so I'm going to try and make a point of making a post every once in a while to share them...


Early morning in the pits. That awesome S14 on the right is Ikuo Saito's from West Auto. The teal One-Via in the middle is from Droo-P. It was running a 2.2L with HKS Stage 3 cams so it idled like a god damned rotary. Brap-brap-brap-brap.


Mountain of tires... I don't care what anyone says, these were the days when cars looked the best. Saito's S14 always gave me an automotive boner...


Sekia was, without a doubt, one of the best drift tracks in Japan. Not only was the course great, but the facilities were great overall. A modern pit area and pro shop really set it apart from other tracks.


A couple of 180s from Hiroshima about to be unloaded.


These pictures were taken in 2005, when there were Hachi's aplenty. Unfortunately the 86 is becoming a rare sight at drift events these days.


I know there are camps when it comes to Levin vs. Trueno front ends, but I love them both.  The silver carbon Origin hood is ace.


If you haven't guessed, these two Levins were built by Art Staff. I wonder if they're still around?


The S13 Silvia will always be my favorite chassis. One look at that rear bumper will tell you the boys from Halloween Racing are aggressive behind the wheel. What's that in the rear quarter glass...

... Just a couple of protruding Dekavita C bottles. Nothing to see here...


Tadokoro 180SXs from Shikoku. Pretty sure one of these was driven by a girl. They definitely made the rounds as I saw them at just about every I event I went to at Setonaikai, TKL, Bihoku and Sekia.


Clean S13. It isn't hard to make one of these look great. BN Sports hood and maybe Uras N+ aero.


Kazu Power/Gun Sports FD. It's been through the wringer. I'm pretty sure the front bumper was Uras GT before it exploded.


One of my favorite cars of all-time. The Gun Sports S13. This may have been the first car I saw with Uras GT aero. It's actually still around and looks pretty much the same, but the wheels are black now. 

How about Uras GT in white? If only he had all the diffuser/canard add-ons in black. White TE37s are the icing on the cake.


This owner was a bit ahead of the curve with the diffuser/canard setup. Not very many people were running this stuff back in these days.


Staging to get on the track. Sekai was interesting as it had a big elevation change going from the top of the track to the bottom. It was nice because you could stand at the rail and see the full course easily.


This is the only action shot you're going to get. I'm a shit photographer and can't get a decent shot of a car when it's moving. If you don't recognize this car you should. It's Koyama's Ultra Groover S14.


End of the day and everyone is loading up. NK Company always has some of the coolest cars. At one point this S14, which the owner drove aggressively, had LCD monitors mounted in the fenders...


You see a wide-variety of carriers at these events. From single-car slide off carriers to more classic multi-car carriers like this one.

Shot of the Halloween Racing S13 from the last post getting loaded up. That isn't a trailer. It's the bed of the truck which slides completely off and lays on the ground making loading a low-car a breeze. They're expensive as hell though so lots of guys just rent them or borrow them from their workplace.