Richard Stevens

Osaka Auto Messe 2007

Richard Stevens
Osaka Auto Messe 2007

Another trip in the way-back machine. I wasn’t going to post pictures from this event because the quality of the shots are pretty much garbage. However, I’ve gotten much better at retouching photos and was able to make work some of these enough to make them decent.


I’ve always liked Osaka Auto Messe because it’s very laid back, unlike the crowded frenzy that is Tokyo Auto Salon. It’s held at the convention center at Osaka Port and you can literally park a short couple minute walk from the front entrance.

DSC04653 (1)_edited.jpg

You’ll find a big mix of cars of sorts, including Time Attack builds like the Sequential S15. This was a pretty famous build at the time and it looked so amazing in person.


RYO had their Time Attack S15 in attendance as well. It was a cool build, but the only thing it really did was sit on display at Autobacs in Hiroshima.

DSC04656 (1)_edited.jpg

I’ve always been a big fan of Pit Road M and their love of the mostly overlooked 3000GT/GTO. This particular GTO isn’t gold any longer and is black and white and doing a good deal of track duty.

DSC04657 (1)_edited.jpg

If I recall correctly they had the output listed at around 700HP. The bay looks pretty awesome, but the 6G72 is a giant pain in the ass to work on.

DSC04644 (1)_edited.jpg

NA Works is a big name in the AE86 world. I didn’t get a view of what was in the bay, but there’s a good chance it was a 4-throttle Toyota Beams or 20V.

DSC04649 (1)_edited.jpg

D-Max AE86 Levin. I couldn’t do much to save this picture, but I always thought this was one of the better looking Hachis that have been built and wanted to include it.

DSC04660 (1)_edited.jpg

Uras was showing off their new GT aero lineup and had a few cars in their booth including this 180SX. I absolutely love this kit.


D-Max S14. I loved everything about this car. The kit, graphics and wheels were money. It’s been a while so I can’t remember who drove this particular S14.

DSC04613 (1)_edited.jpg

Next to their S13 was their D1SL S13 Silvia, which I believe Nakamura drove. It’s been a while though so my memory may be off.


It had a tidy bay with an interesting oil catch can that was integrated into the suction pipe.


Origin equipped One-Via. I’ve always loved the silver carbon stuff.


This picture started out pretty rough, but I think it came out great after some re-touching. Imamura’s (also known as the Drift Samurai) BN-Sports equipped FC3S D1 Grand Prix machine.


Takashi’s V-Factory C35 is my favorite Laurel of all-time. The metallic brown, aero and chrome XT7s work so well together. Plus he drove the hell out of it.


I couldn’t do anything to save this picture, but I had to include it because I wanted to show what was under the hood of this Fort JZZ30 Soarer…


Yeah, that’s a 3-rotor Cosmo motor with a big-ass Trust turbo.


This is the only Rocket Bunny kit I liked. After this it just got ridiculous with the rivet on flares.

Looks good from the rear too.