Richard Stevens

Bye Babe.

Richard Stevens
Bye Babe.

The R32 is gone. It got picked up last week and is at it’s new home in Texas. It was a fun project and ended the first one that I did a bunch of fabrication on. I definitely learned a great deal and loved how it performed, but I can’t justify having two drift cars and there is no way I could give up the Silvia.


The buyer (a friend) is getting plenty of extra aero including vented front fenders and rear widebody fenders, but I love look with PS Duce aero and stock fenders.


The RB25 Neo ended up putting out 350HP at 1.0 bar, which was plenty for me, but the Trust T67 25G can support plenty of boost. I didn’t cut any corners and it’s running Zeal Function coilovers and full suite of D-Max adjustable arms. It has plenty of angle to with 326 bancho knuckles.


It ended up on a staggered 17/18 CST wheel setup and pretty about as low as I like to go.


The clutch is a single plate Nismo, but it was too much for the driver and he ended up stalling a half dozen times trying to get it in the trailer.


It was sad to see it go, but I’m looking forward to putting all my effort into a couple new projects.