Richard Stevens

A Day at Bihoku Highland Circuit

Richard Stevens
A Day at Bihoku Highland Circuit

I was looking through folders on an old hard drive and came across one that just said “Bihoku”. I’m not sure exactly what this event was, or when I took the pictures, but I’m guessing it was an R.Y.O. soukoukai (practice day) around 2005. Ideally I’d be able to provide exact dates and specific details about these events, but that would make it hard to share most of the pictures I’ve taken with everyone. Can you say disorganized?

I wonder how long it will be until the 180SX and S13 Silvia won’t be one of the most common platforms you see at drift events in Japan? These cars are getting pretty old and newer platforms are getting cheaper and cheaper. Regardless, they’ll always be my favorites.

The owner of this One-Via is a Bihoku regular. I think the aero is Origin with Supermade headlight covers. This was also the era of cheap Work VS-KF wheels, so you’d see them on cars constantly.

Ryo and Fujio in the pits. If you aren’t aware they were in Crazy Night together and Fujio drove for R.Y.O. in D1 behind the wheel of Crown Comfort and later their FD3S RX-7.

Fujio brought his personal S14 out to practice in. Uras aero, white TE37s, R.Y.O. taililghts, exhaust and livery. I think this car is somewhere in Europe now.

Pretty simple under the hood. Greddy surge tank, Trust TD06, Z32, big cams, and, if I recall correctly, the motor was stroked to 2.1L.

Ryo had his S15 out for the day. Full Uras GT aero (prototype kit at the time), Rays 57 wheels, and full livery. Looking at it you’d think it’s a pro car, but it was more for shows and demos.

R.Y.O. cars always have the best interiors. Carbon dash cover, special edition Bride seats, Vertex wheel, nicely mounted meters and full audio system.

The engine room is no slouch either. 2.2L with a big Trust T67-25G strapped to it running on HKS F-CON. If I recall correctly it had an HKS dog mission as well.

Carbing and Billion bits everywhere…

Jikuya had his D1 Street Legal S15 out for some practice. If you don’t know, he was one of the top drivers in Japan and would go back and forth with Naoki for round wins in Street Legal.

He went off track at some point and had to head back to the pits for repairs. Of all the guys I’ve seen drive, I’d say Jikyua was the best.

NK Company S13. That isn’t vinyl. That is hand painted livery.

Kawakami (owner of NK Company) also had his wild S15 out for the day.

Diversion Racing JZX81 Mark II. Would be perfect without that GT-wing.

NK Company S13 coming around the last corner on B-Course.

The fact that Kawakami builds straight up show cars never stops him from driving them aggressively on the track.


Fukuda was having engine problems, but managed to resolve a misfire and get back on track.

The end.