Richard Stevens

Fukuda's S14 Silvia

Richard Stevens
Fukuda's S14 Silvia

When I have the time to spare, I've been going through all the pictures I've taken over the years and sorting them into various folders. I noticed I had a bunch of good shots of Fukuda's S14 Silvia.  In my opinion, it's the best S14 Silvia of all-time. No, it's not insanely modified or a $100,000 pro-car. It's a simple, great looking, fast, great handling and extremely reliable Silvia.


Fukuda, the owner and builder, is a member of the legendary drift team Crazy Night. If you've never heard of them, other notable members are D1 Grand Prix driver Tsutomo Fujio, Yoshinaga Ryo (owner of Make an Wake of an Art RYO), and Takeshi and Jikuya from V-Factory.


Fukuda is from Tottori, which puts him within reasonable distance to Bihoku Highland Circuit in Okayama so he attends just about every event they have. You'd be hard-pressed to not find him at Bihoku these days as well. Although these pictures were taken over a decade ago, the Silvia looks exactly the same. Why mess with perfection?


Despite driving pretty aggressively he never ended up wrecking seriously. Just minor bumps and bruises, which he fixed between events. I've only seen him go off track a few times. VS-KFs are hit or miss for me, but they are perfect on this car. I believe that's an RYO dual exhaust as well.


In my opinion, this is the perfect ride height. The wheels aren't tucked under the fenders, just the top of the tire. He has suspension travel and it still looks good. Being friends with Yoshinaga from RYO means you get cool vinyl for your car too. The maple leaves (momiji) you see in RYO designs are a shout out to Hiroshima (where RYO used to be located) as it's the symbol of the city.


Nope, not gutted. Carpet, stereo, and all the creature comforts. No full bucket either. Instead, he runs a nice, comfortable Bride Brix. The cage is a Cusco bolt-in 8 point.


Forgive me if I can't name the aero kit. Everything for the S14 is so similar I can't really tell them apart. The hood is from D-Max.


No-brainer setup for a drift S14. Trust 20G, 550cc injectors, HKS cams, Z32 Maf, Nismo Clutch and 2-way LSD tuned with a Power FC for an easy 350HP. Fast enough to get the job done without sacrificing reliablity.


I've never seen it on anything but chrome VS-KFs or something very similar. The suspension upgrades include RYO coilovers along with an assortment of arms from D-Max.

The man himself helping sort an issue on another driver's car. There's something special about a guy who builds a car and keeps it. It seems like everyone these days throws a car together, drives it for a bit and then is either parting it out or trying to sell it.