Richard Stevens

Okayama International Track Day

Richard Stevens
Okayama International Track Day

Continuing with my quest to make use of all the pictures I've taken over the years, these are from an open track day I was at back in 2014 at Okayama International Circuit. I wasn't actually attending the track day, but a drift school Yasuyuki Kazama was hosting on the facility's skid-pad. During a break, I decided to walk over to the paddock to check out the cars that were in attendance.


Not the typical choice for a track car, especially in these days when the 100 chassis was nowhere near as popular as it is now.  You'll notice the 1JZGTE as been swapped for a 2JZGTE.


KT-Sports S14 Silvia. It's been a while, but if I recall correctly it was running an HKS GT3037 turbo and some lumpy cams. I spent some time watching it lap the track and it was keeping up with the GT-Rs in attendance.


From the rear. Big GT-Wing on the trunk and some pretty big fender flares to cover the wider track and fat Advan tires.


Mister-2 with some pretty wild aero. I know these days canards and diffusers are the standard, but this was pretty extreme for an amateur car back then.


Big duct feeding cool air into the engine room. I also just noticed it was running Meister S1 up front and Rays 57s in the rear.


This S13 Silvia was still a work in progress but still looked pretty damn aggressive. I think that's a TBO from bumper and you can never go wrong with bronze TE37s.


I will forever love the look of an S13 with a stock rear bumper with a diffuser underneath. This one even had the Vortex generators on the side.

There were a bunch of Factor Racing GT-Rs in attendance, so it may have been a track day they were hosting for their customers, which is an annual tradition for many shops in Japan.


Much more aggressive from the front. Looks like a Do-Luck front bumper. The headlight vent was pretty nifty as well. Again, you can't go wrong with bronze TE37s. I've never been much of an R33 fan, but I can get behind the track car look.


Lots of engine work. If I'm remembering right this was an HKS 2.8L stroker. I love it when GT-R owners stick with the twin turbo setup. 

More Factor Racing GT-Rs. I didn't take too many pictures or recall many specific details about the cars in attendance, but I figured this would be a nice break from all the drift-related posts.