Richard Stevens

Active Carbon GT-R

Richard Stevens
Active Carbon GT-R

There is no shop in Japan that has left me as speechless as Garage Active based out of Kyushu, Japan's southernmost island. My last visit was well over a decade ago, but I'll never forget being shocked at just how many GT-Rs they had on-hand. Some for sale, some in for maintenance and some demo-cars being built or retired. What's most interesting about G-Active is the fact that they were heavily involved in drag racing and built some of the best zero-yon (0-400 meter) GT-Rs ever. Despite the fact that drag racing died off heavily, they kept chugging away, applying their technical know-how to customer's street cars and time-attack builds. And, of course, their own demo cars. Every few years they building something crazier than the last and I think they may have hit a plateau with their new Carbon GT-R.


They named it the Carbon GT-R because, well, it's all carbon. It's not just the wide-body panels, everything is carbon fiber including the roof and the taillight surrounds. They even laid the metallic blue paint down light so the weave shows through as you can see in the picture above.


The lines on the kit are so perfect it looks like it could have come from the factory this wide. Yes, there's a ton of negative rear camber, but that's because it's sitting on "Active Air Suspension".


A collaboration between G-Active and 7Demand, the air suspension kit lets them adjust the ride-height from the cabin with a controller mounted on the dash. I have no idea how performance oriented the kit is, but if it's on an Active GT-R it has to be pretty decent. 


The interior is nice and simple. Leather wrapped dash, carbon panel replacing the radio surround, Nardi classic steering wheel, etc.. You can see the air suspension controller next to the shifter for the OS88 sequential mission.

12" wide Work Meister L1 3-piece wheels all the way around wrapped in Advan Neova tires. You can see Active's own brake kit in the back. I love the fact that they left the lip and side skirt under panels unpainted.

As you would expect, it's a work of art and power under the hood. HKS 2.8L stroker being fed air from the new HKS GT3 turbocharger. I'm not sure if it's the 4R or 5R. Either way it's making an easy 600HP.


It's quite a wild build. I will admit I'd rather see it sitting on standard coilover suspension, but I understand while they are running on air suspension. And, who knows, maybe the kit from TDemand is a true performance setup?