Richard Stevens

326power @ Green Pier

Richard Stevens
326power @ Green Pier

This is another installment in a series of posts where I try to publish some of the thousands of pictures I've taken at various events over the years. Unfortunately, for you the reader, I've forgotten half the driver's names and team backgrounds, but I'll do my best to keep things interesting. Also unfortunate, for you the viewer, is the fact that I'm a bad photographer and take everything on a phone or point-and-shoot...


This was a soukoukai (practice day) in the summer of 2017 put together by 326power and held at Green Pier, which is a hotel/vacation resort outside of Hiroshima near the coast. Drift events and car shows are held here on a regular basis in the large parking areas they have available.


I've been drifting since the mid 90s and have probably seen thousands of S13 Silvias, but this one will always be one of my favorites. My memory may be failing me, but I think it was Jikuya's (from V-Factory) D1 Street Legal car prior to vinyl being applied and track damage being received. 


S15 Silvia from team D/L/K built by Quarter Mile, which is a shop based in Shikoku near Tokushima Kart Land (TKL). At the time it was running full 326power D-Lux aero, but these days I think it's green and running the 3D-Star kit.


Another baby blue S-chassis from team D/L/K built by Quarter Mile. This time it's a One-Via running aero I couldn't name off the top off my head because I can't tell half these S13 kits apart. These were the days when amateur drift cars had the best "livery".


Signal AE86 Levin 3-door. In 2007 the AE86 presence was still strong. This particular example has always been one of my favorites.

There were a few other AE86s in attendance. I'm not sure who the two above belonged to, but both were running 4AGZE supercharged motors.


Takeshi Shinkawa's (Shinkawa SPL) legendary S14. If you know anything about drifters who have come out of Hiroshima, Shinkawa is one of the best. I've rode with him at Tamada and tried to keep up with him (unsuccessfully) while following his line at Setonaikai and he's ridiculously good. I'm not sure how true it is, but someone once told me he was Mitsuru Haruguchi's cousin.


Speaking of Haruguchi, he was in attendance of course and judged the small competition that occurred. It was actually the first time I drove a coned skid-pad event (had a 180SX at the time) and didn't make it out of the first round as I couldn't get used to navigate cones quick enough. At the end of the day I finally got the hang of it during the free practice runs. Skid-pad events still suck ass though.


Hiroshima certainly has a distinct style when it comes to drift cars and 326power has had a big influence in it's development. In 2007 it was fairly mild compared to what is coming out of Hiro these days.


We'll wrap this post up with the shot above where you can see how massive the skid-pad at Green Pier is. This is actually the lower level. Behind where I took the shot is another massive parking area that is used for car shows only.