Richard Stevens

Final Bout #2

Richard Stevens
Final Bout #2

I'm not throwing quite as far back as I usually do, but I found these pictures from Final Bout 2 and some of them were actually decent. I don't think I've posted them anywhere so I figured I'd do it here...

I'm not going to go into details about the event as it was covered by just about every drift website and blog. I will say that Animal Style stole the show, and they did it with their driving and styling. I've been a fan of all of Julian's builds, but his first S14 above is definitely a favorite.

Ryan Kado's 180SX (you can kiss my ass if you think I'm going to use the terms hatch or coupe) matched Julian's S14 in styling and also sported PS-Duce aero. If I recall correctly, it was running a boost-up RB20.

Baby Jason's S13 was pretty nifty with D-Max aero and white Gram Lights. These pictures must have been taken at the beginning of Final Bout as the trio didn't look quite as show-ready after their aggressive on-track antics.

ShaDynasty made it out all the way from Oregon. It was definitely a thrill seeing these old Toyotas going all-out at USAIR.

Essence had a long drive up from Texas as well. Jimmy Yate's R32 in the foreground has undergone some significant changes of late and might just be the best R32 sedan in the US now.

I really dug this D*Squad S13. Totally reminded me of the Flat-Out Silvia I'd see at Bihoku all the time.


Kam Kaldwell's 180SX. It's since been replaced by quite an impressive S14.

Mike Hahnen's R32 sedan. When he first told me he was going to paint it pink with a ton of flake I was skeptical, but it turned out great.

Wrapping things up with Ben Mich's S13. I've never been a big fan of Regas, but for some reason they look right on all of his cars.